Vanhan suurtorin joulumarkkinat turku Kuva Eeva-Maija Haukka 98000

The Old Great Square was full of Christmassy atmosphere on four weekends 25–26 Nov, 2–3 Dec, 9–10 Dec and 16–17 Dec 2017. Visitors got an opportunity to get in to the old-time market hustle and bustle with vendors selling high-quality handicrafts and tasty delicacies in addition to comprehensive programme directed for the whole family.

Many memorable moments were seen at the Christmas Market at the Old Great Square. Dashing circus performance and fire show by Duo Nerg & Nivala, beautiful music performances, the Star Boys’ Singing Procession, jolly Christmas elves, in addition to Santa Claus with his family created the unforgettable experience and journey to the magical Christmas.

The Christmas Play offered a funny and gripping sneak peek to Christmas in Turku a hundred years ago on every market day. This year the play was a time travel to the year 1917 and Christmas preparations of the townsfolk.

The total number of visitors of the Christmas Market at the Old Great Square was 98 000.

Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry would like to thank market visitors, vendors, performers, volunteers and partners and welcome on a journey of the old-time Christmassy market atmosphere again next year!