The program of the Old Great Square Christmas Market 28.-29.11.

The Christmas Market offers lots of things to see and do for the whole family. The Old Great Square fills with high quality handicrafts, christmassy delicacies and various music, theatre and circus performances. And of course, there’s also Santa Claus and his family!

In addition, you can enjoy the lovely winter weather with cup of warm juice or play the Christmassy Wheel of Fortune.

Saturday 28 th of November 2019

Santa Claus’ Office

  • klo 11.15–11.30                   The Star Boys’ Singing Procession
  • klo 11.30–12.30                   Santa Claus in His Office
  • klo 12.45–13.15                   Auran tytöt: Girl scouts knotworkshop
  • klo 13.30–14.30                   Santa Claus in His Office
  • klo 14.45–15.00                 Auran tytöt: Girl scouts knotworkshop
  • klo 15.30–16.15                   Santa Claus in His Office

The Old Great Square

  • klo 12.00–12.15                   Christmas Play: A hat full of Christmas
  • klo 13.00–13.15                   Christmas Play: The Biological Museum and a portrait of a turkey
  • klo 14.00–14.15                   Christmas Play: Children’s Christmas Festivities

The Brinkkala Yard

  • klo 12.00–12.15                   The Star Boys’ Singing Procession
  • klo 13.30–13.45                  Choir Performance by The Pandora Choir
  • klo 13.45–14.00                   Elves Tuike and Torsti (for children)
  • klo 14.30–14.45                   Puolala’s Music Group
  • klo 15.15–15.30                   Turku recitation club: Christmassy poems

Also on the area of the event

Circus duo Nerg & Nivala will be performing their short christmassy circus tricks to the market visitors from 12 to 16 PM all around the event area.

Changes in programme possible.